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Ring Slings
A ring sling is an ideal baby carrier from birth to toddler. Being made of the same fabric as a woven wrap, it offers the same comfort for your baby.
It does not have the same versatility as a woven wrap but it still offers a good range of carrying possibilities.
What makes a ring sling a popular choice is its extreme ease of use, no need for tying instructions, a factor which is often very appreciated by fathers. Also a ring sling has a very stylish look, I personally find the long piece of fabric which hangs along my body absolutely gorgeous. It is almost like a piece of fashion accessory : an easy way to look amazing even just after birth when you still cannot fit your pre-pregnancy clothes.
I have selected a French manufacturer, Néobulle. It is a well-known and appreciated brand for ring slings in France. Have a look at their fabric : they are truly stunning.