Néobulle - Nigella Oil Alep Soap

A traditional Organic Alep Soap, enriched with Nigella Oil.

It perfectly matches  sensitive skins.

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Traditional Organic Alep Soap, enriched with Nigella Oil. It perfectly matches  sensitive skins.

All the benefits of oils into a soap :
- Nigella : Soothing and anti-inflammatory action.
- Olive : Smooth moisture nourishing action.
- Laurel : Antiseptic and disinfectant action.     

Suitable for all the family including baby skins.

May also be used as a shaving soap, a shampoo and for clothes washing.

This product was strictly selected by Néobulle. It is a Lauralep traditional product. It is made in Syria, birthplace of Alep Soap.

Alep Soap : First elaborated in High Antiquity, Alep Soap represents thousands of years of Culture and History. The manufacturing process originates from Alep, a city in Syria and was perpetuated since then. Along time this soap spread around the Mediterranean Sea. Eventually, crusaders brought it back West. Each year, in November, when Olive oils are extracted, a well-known ritual takes place in the old souks of Alep. For several days, ingredients are slowly baked in a large stone caldron. Once it is ready, the paste is layed and hand cut. The greenish soap bars are stacked into towers for a very long maturation in open-air. The soap dries up and hardens for 9 months. Drying reveals a brown outside colour, the most inner parts remain green.

Nigella Oil : History records that this remedy was already part of the Ancient Egypt Pharaohs' Medicine. It is also known in the Classical Arabic Medicine, the Indian Ayurvedic Medicine and is mentioned in the Bible.
It is currently used in popular medicine in Egypt and India. Promising studies in the U-S-A and Germany brought forward Nigella Oil. It contains many unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as vitamins and minerals. Nigella Oil anti-aging action inhibits the oxidation of cell membranes . It is therefore highly beneficial for your skin in reducing inflammation caused by stress, pollution, illness or aging. Black Cumin Oil does not cause side effects.

  • Organic certified : yes
  • Ingredients : Water, Olive Oil, Laurel Oil (30%), Nigella Oil (10%)
  • Weight : 150 g

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